About Scrapbook Insight

Scrapbook Insight shares the latest scrapbooking & craft news, an insight into the life of working in the craft industry, magazine reviews and news, discussions on craft and scrapbooking trends, manufacturer & retailer news and much more – all from an Australian scrapbooker and writer’s perspective!

Please contact me if you have scrapbook news or information to share!

About Alison

Hi I’m Alison, the creator of Scrapbook Insight. I’ve been scrapbooking for around 7 years and have recently started working in the industry, for Australian scrapbooking manufacturer, Kaisercraft*.

The idea behind this blog came from working daily in the industry and seeing the niche opportunity to provide an interesting resource for crafters. I’ve found that a lot of websites and blogs out there either provide news or information on American scrapbooking, but not Australian. Not like  a ‘news’ or ‘review’ website, this site will look at the life of working in the craft industry, magazine reviews and news, craft trends, the latest gossip, manufacturer news and much more – with an Australian perspective. I want this blog to be as open and honest about the industry as possible. By industry I mean retailers, consumers, publications, retailers, manufacturers. Feel free to comment and discuss your opinions.

Please note, any comments degrading individuals will be deleted.

I’m also responsible for the day-to-day administration behind the scenes on this site.

*Please note, that while I do work for an Kaisercraft, I will try to maintain an unbiased opinion when discussing matters relating to the company. When writing for this website I am writing for the benefit of Australian scrapbookers, if something is not in your best interest I will say so.


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